Sunday, September 15, 2013

Character Sketch: Three Jack-o-lanterns

Been working on some Halloween stuff lately. This time it’s a watercolor and ink study of a trio of jack-o-lantern characters. I did it on a scrap of 300lb cold press watercolor paper, which almost proved to be my undoing. The watercolor worked fine, but when I went to ink it, I was quickly reminded that stout paper like that really sucks the life out of Microns (pens). So I tried it with an old school dip pen instead. See that black blob on the corner of the mouth of the pumpkin on the left? That was from the super rough texture grabbing the nib and opening it up. There was some very salty language used right about that time. Anyway, I finally ended up pulling out the Windsor & Newton Series 7 Sable Brush (#3) and inking it with that. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the results, but I might try one with a 9B pencil when I get a chance, not quite as dark as ink, but has a really nice organic look to it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Metal Band Logo: Cry Havok

Normally my work has a 20's—60's look, but recently I got the opportunity to do an 80's metal influenced logo for local metal band, Cry Havok, from Dallas, Oregon. Been working hard on this, and got the final approval last night or early this morning (I can't remember which, now). Anyway, I just sent the files out to them a few minutes ago. So now without further ado, I present the new logo for Cry Havok.