Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, I Said Pencil Farts!

Hey kids! I just wanted to show off my new, and as of yet, unnamed sketch blog mascot. At some point—and remember you read it here first— in the near future he may very well may end up as part of a T-shirt design. This image is actually the header banner for my sketch blog, A Walk on the Wiles Side. I went with a farting pencil theme because the full title reads: A Walk on the Wiles Side—The Pencil Farts of Robert Wiles. It was going to be the Pencil RIFFS of Robert Wiles, but I think the word riffs imply a finished, or at least more polished project, which sketches most definitely are not. They are truly much more like farts, so, that's where that term came from, and now you are in the know.

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