Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Skull T-shirt Designs at Vintage 66!

I Just put up a couple of variations of a Split Skull Spade T-shirt design at the almighty Vintage 66 Graphics Zazzle Shop. This is actually a design I came up with awhile back, but I was never entirely happy with it, until now that is. It features a technique that I don't use very often, perfect symmetry. I usually prefer to knock things off balance a little, maybe that comes from my off-kilter personality. Nevertheless, I used a skull and spade design and split it right down the middle for a perfect balance of dark and light. There are two versions available for dark shirts, with the design in either Red or White, and they both have a very subtle gray background pattern. There is also a version with a black design for light colored shirts, but I took the background pattern out to intensify the the starkness. It really pops on a white shirt. This is a great shirt for Poker Night, or even just hanging out with friends at your local bar. So feel free to stop by anytime and take a look, we're always open.


Red on Dark

White on Dark

Black on White

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