Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parking Lot Characters: The Angry Bamboo Man

The Parking Lot Characters Series is a collection of semi-finished drawings of people I observe while sketching and drinking coffee in a local parking lot, which is shared by super market, a liquor store, a big corporate coffee shop and a handful of other small businesses. I then take the rough sketches back to the studio and rework them in ink and color before posting them here.

I was going to do a new Parking Lot Character on Wednesday, but when I got to the coffee shop I realized that I had forgotten my sketch pad (which resulted in a swearing festival). I finally remembered the pad the next time I went, but then with the long weekend . . . well, lets skip the long explanation and just say that I'm a little behind in my Parking Lot Character series and this one is from sometime last week, or maybe from the weekend. Anyway, there is a certain type of older guy who always seems to look angry no matter what he is doing. Today's offering was just such a fellow. He had that irritated look about him when he went in to Fred Meyers (Krogers  for you non-Northwesterners), but when he came back with an unruly gaggle of bamboo under his arm, he really looked pissed! I don't know if the cashier wouldn't give him a sack for his bamboo, or if  he just hated the stuff, but whatever the case, he was not happy, and I'm glad I was there to document it.


Eugenio Enrique said...

Hey Robert! This series looks great, this is a good example! I'm waiting to see more..!

Cheers bro!

Robert said...

Thanks for the comment, Eugenio. This is a fun series to do, and it seems there is a never ending stream of characters, so there should be lots more.