Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Little Las Vegas Neon Boasting

The Bombshell neon. Image courtesy Melissa Black, used with permission.

The Bombshell logo I designed way back when.

Hey kids! I’m just doing a little shameless boasting here. A few Years ago I did a logo for a company called Bombshell Brazilian in Richmond, Virginia,  they’re a chain of salons which  specialize in the waxing of various bits and pieces, as well as hair, nails, etc. Over the years I’ve done  quite a a few other projects for them. Anyway, since I designed that logo they’ve opened 2 more locations, won more awards than you can shake a stick at, and now they are getting ready to dance on the national stage when they open their newest shop located across the country in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Which brings me to the boasting portion of today’s post, I recently heard from, Melissa (one of the owners) that they are installing a neon sign based on my original logo design, and I couldn’t be more pleased because after all,  what is Vegas without neon? It’s a big, dark city in the middle of the desert, that’s what.  I’m really excited because this is something I’ve never seen before, despite all of my years of designing in the retro vein I have never seen one of my designs in neon. It’s going to look incredible when it’s lit up at night, and I can’t wait to see it in person, although I’m not sure when that will happen, it will depend on what 2016 throws my way. In the meantime I would just like to congratulate Melissa and Scott Black on their spectacular and well deserved success. The final date for the grand opening hasn’t been set yet, but I believe it will be in mid February. So if you find yourself in Las Vegas stop in and say hello and have a look around and tell them I said “hey”.

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