Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Deed is Done: Evil Virgin Closed

I received my final check from Cafepress last week, and have now closed down my CP T-shirt shop, Evil Virgin Tees. Since the filthy bastards no longer have my money, or any other hold over me, this post was originally planned as something of a ranting exposé on the greedy business practices of CafePress and why it sucks to do business with them. However, I've since decided that my time and energy can be better utilized elsewhere, such as re-working my website & portfolio. And I've also signed up with Squidoo recently, so there should be some nifty lenses coming soon. Having said all that, I would definitely caution anyone who is considering opening a shop with CafePress to review other fulfillment services, such as Zazzle. Another option would be to stab yourself in the ass with a meat fork—it will feel the same, but wont be quite such a violation. Okay, my rant is over . . . for now.


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