Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage 66 Graphics: Two Years Old Today

I have to be honest, the only reason I am aware of the significance of  today's date is because I just renewed my business name. Nevertheless, two years ago today I started up Vintage 66 Graphics, incidentally, if you're wondering, the name comes from the year I was born: 1966, and my love of vintage & retro design—I like to think the graphics part is obvious. Anyway, I made this decision shortly after closing down my previous attempt at rocking the graphic design world in the form of, RNW Graphic Productions, Inc., which I had opened as a corporation on the merit some very bad advice from a very  expensive attorney, who for legal reasons shall remain nameless. I basically had two options, give up and go home, or pick myself up and try it again. As costly a mistake as that was, both financially and psychologically, I learned some really valuable lessons from the experience, and more importantly, I'm still here slugging it out, and doing just fine as a sole proprietor. So, kiss my ass Mr. Expensive-Lawyer!

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