Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Service Listings on Etsy

I've finally gotten the V66 Etsy shop squared away, I mean for the time being, it is a work in progress after all, like pretty much anything else in the Vintage 66 Online Empire (including this very blog). Anyway, one of the new sections I've added is for Custom Graphics, which features logos, business cards and even custom pin-up girls.Of course, if you want to skip Etsy, you can contact me directly for any custom work, and I do have more flexibility when working away from Etsy, just because I don't need to make a custom listing and can make changes without needing to re-list or update the listing.

You can get 5,000 business cards, including the design and US ground shipping via UPS for only $190. Save gas, save time and avoid the hassle of working with a printer.

How about a custom pin-up girl to help promote your business? One initial investment is well worth the cost of $225. She'll add sparkle and umph! to your flyers, T-shirts and whatnot.

And finally this listing is for a custom retro logo to help you brand your business, organization, or band and features up to two rounds of revisions for $350. This is the real deal made in the USA, not some mediocre, hacked out piece of crap from a cut-rate design firm that outsources their work to other countries such as Taiwan.

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