Thursday, August 11, 2011

Retro Inspiration: Vintage Luggage Labels

One of the great things about designing in the retro vein in the age of the internet is that there is so much material available for inspiration, especially with photo sharing sites like Flickr. No matter what time period fascinates you, somewhere on the internet you will probably be able to find at least a handful of examples to glean some ideas off of. That is the great thing about good design, it never goes out of style. It will certainly have the look of the time period, but if it was well designed in the first place it will look good through the ages. Case in point, I recently found a treasure trove of vintage luggage labels on Flickr. Many different nations and cultures are represented in this collection, and date wise they range from the late 19th century up into the middle 20th century. Below are a couple of examples, and you can click to explore the entire collection.

hotel times square new york

Luggage Labels

pera palace #560 Richter & Co

Charles Kuhn Hotel Hecht St. Gallen Poster

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