Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Name Coming Soon!

I'm making some changes here, but don’t be alarmed (because I know how my little hunk of the blogi-sphere is the high point of your day). I’ll go into the whys and wherefores more a little later, or maybe I’ll just keep posting and pretend like nothing ever happened—like when you fart in the grocery store and just keep walking and hope nobody heard, or if they did that they just thought it was a shoe squeak or something. Nevertheless, the content and subject matter is pretty much going to be the same, except a bit more edgy and more of a crunchy punk rock feel, but I am now doing business under my own name, Robert N. Wiles,  instead of Vintage 66 Graphics.

My new logo since I'm doing business under my own name.
There seems to be some sort of image discrepancy when you click on it, maybe because I used a png file instead of a jpg for this. I'm too tired to fix it now, but I'll try to remember later.

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